We regret to inform you that ZYBRE, the Internet Service Provider founded in 2021, has decided to cease taking on new customers. This decision has not been taken lightly and was made due to continued pressures that we have faced and not been able to overcome.

Customers who have or are awaiting migration/transfer should contact the relevant provider as detailed below:

ZYBRE Customers via CityFibre transferring to Octaplus Networks,
should call 03333355385 or email switchover@octaplus.co.uk
NOTE: Customers on the CityFibre Network in Scotland, Chester or
Southend-on-Sea please call CityFibre directly on 08000836160
ZYBRE Customers via Openreach transferring to Beast Broadband,
should call 03331887788 or email support@beast-broadband.co.uk
ZYBRE Customer via F&W Networks transferring to Hey Broadband,
should call 08081681616 or email info@heyb.co.uk

For customers on the FullFibre or MS3 Networks please contact the Network operator directly as an agreement could not be reached to support transferring customers to another provider

FullFibre: Call 03331210505 or email enquires@fullfibre.co
MS3 Networks: Call 01482221721 or email info@ms-3.co.uk