Getting Started

ZYBRE Game can only be accessed by customers of ZYBRE, who have purchased our entertainment bundle.

Following purchase of the bundle, we will send you an NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro and your ZYBRE Games login details, so you can start playing.

In order to play, you just have to download and install our free app from the Google Play Store. At the moment the app is only available on Android TV’s, however, this will be provided to you in the form of an NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro. As soon as this is installed you and you have received your login details, you’re ready to go and to play as many games as you want.

Currently ZYBRE Games is only accessible on Android TV’s. However, we are adding additional access to other Windows and Android devices such as PC, Tablet and Mobile for users in early 2022.

Please also note that we don’t currently support iPhone, Mac, or Linux devices.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for ZYBRE Games to be accessed without a solid internet connection.

Luckily, users accessing ZYBRE Games on their NVIDIA SHIELD will be able to play on our platform with ZYBRE’s incredible fibre broadband.

All games on our platform supports both mouse and keyboard and controller with XInput, such as Xbox controller, although final compatibility will depend on whether the game has support for playing from a controller.

Using The Platform

ZYBRE Games’ diverse catalogue makes it the perfect platform for both families and gamers. Choose games from any of the following categories: Action; Adventure; Arcade; Casual; Free To Play; Indie; Platformers; Puzzles; Racing; Retro; Roguelite; RPG; Shooter; Simulators; Sports; Strategy.

Any new games added to ZYBRE Games will be highlighted on our social media and on our platform. So make sure you’re following us on all our social.

Technical Issues

To reset your password or username, you will have to request a reset to our support team and contact [email protected].

On the NVIDIA SHIELD you need to visit Google Play Store app and go to My Apps, where an update should appear.

To find out about any updates we will notify you via email.

When you press the “Play” button, ZYBRE Games reserves space on one of our servers so that you can enjoy the game. Regardless of whether you have started to play or have just closed a game, you must wait a few seconds so that we can save your game and free that space up. Please try again, as the process should have already been finished.

Our platform requires a stable Internet connection throughout the game. When the first connection to the server is established, the application does a little check on the quality of the connection and estimates what the gaming experience would be like. If we see that you may suffer small cuts, or a delay in the control of the game, we will let you know. If we believe that these outages may significantly affect the game, ZYBRE Games application will not proceed to open the session.

ZYBRE Games has a limited number of servers where games can be run and we are adding and removing servers as needed. Although we plan ahead enough that you don’t encounter any problems, we may not be able to do so if many users open games at the same time. Please try to access Sora Stream in a few minutes while the new servers get ready.

When you press the “Play” button, ZYBRE Games reserves space on one of our servers so that you can enjoy the game. After a few seconds, that space is freed so you and others can still enjoy ZYBRE Games.

The message “Not authorized” can appear when you are trying to open a game whose space has already been freed.

ZYBRE Games has encountered a problem while trying to connect to the game server. Please check that your Internet connection is working properly and try it again. If the problem persists, and you have the latest version of our application installed, do not hesitate to contact us.
Our catalogue is regularly updated and some games might be temporarily under maintenance or replaced by new ones/updated versions.