ZYBRE Games Powered by Ludium Lab Launches

ZYBRE have once again made UK history by becoming the first ISP to launch its own gaming platform, ZYBRE Games.

The newest cloud gaming service, showcases over 200+ free to play games, and has been created following a partnership between ZYBRE and Spanish tech company Ludium Lab, part of the ALSO Group.

Sora Stream, Ludium Lab’s own gaming platform, has been the template and the driving force behind ZYBRE Games.

The ZYBRE Games service will offer entertainment for all ages, providing a catalogue that includes casual, retro and inclusive options for all, from your everyday gamer to kids and experiences for the whole family. In addition to the existing library, ZYBRE continues curate more options for gamers in order to ensure the catalogue becomes more extensive and diverse.

Jonny Robinson, CEO of ZYBRE, said: “We’re delighted to partner with Ludium. They have an amazing unique platform with accessibility from any device and some exciting plans for the future.

There’s a gap for casual and family games that don’t feature as much on other cloud gaming services. The NVIDIA platform already covers the high-end AAA games, and it’s great to offer both NVIDIA and ZYBRE Games, so there’s something for everyone. Especially now, as the Sora Stream application recently added multiplayer functionality.”

Juan Jose Martin, CEO of Ludium Lab, said: “As innovators in cloud technology, Ludium Lab has big plans for the future. We are currently gearing up to enter the ESPORTS and VR markets. With its immersive qualities and marketing potential, these are certainly the growth areas of the future. It goes without saying that new applications will become available via ZYBRE Games in the UK and we are excited to be on the journey with ZYBRE.”

Cloud gaming is set to be the biggest growth space of the future, completely changing the way users access games.

ZYBRE Games Powered by Sora Stream will be available to all ZYBRE customers as part of the entertainment bundle. Owners of the NVIDIA SHIELD who aren’t ZYBRE subscribed will also be able to access the platform from £7.99 per month, with support for Mobile and PC devices launching soon.